Have you ever seen or heard that a traditional mattress store was running a sale? The better question is, have you ever seen or heard that a mattress store was not running a sale?

If you’ve ever turned on your TV or radio, or driven down the road and seen a billboard, or even set foot in a traditional store, they’re always offering a limited time sale. That mattress that normal sells for $1,999 is on sale for only $999. That sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it? You need a mattress, and, let’s be honest, you really don’t want to spend upwards of a month’s take home pay. So you decide that you better act now!

That’s exactly what they want you to think. Let me let you in on a little secret… It’s VERY unlikely that anybody has ever spent two grand on that mattress. It’s called creating urgency. And it works! But is that really the best way to make a decision on the mattress you’re going to sleep on for the better part of the next decade? I honestly don’t think so.

When I started GAC Furniture in 2010, I was already well aware of the games played by most traditional mattress retailers, and I was committed to offering a better solution to mattress shopping. I started the business operating out of a low-cost storage unit, meeting with customers myself on an appointment basis so I didn’t have to add the cost of a commissioned salesperson to the cost of the mattresses, and being the owner, I am way more concerned with your happiness (and hopefully a 5 star review) than making a few extra bucks – it’s that long term focus as opposed to the immediate gratification.

Over the years, I have grown in some ways and not in others… intentionally. We now have a small showroom in a business park in Tustin here in Orange County, with our warehouse on site, so that in most cases, you can take your mattress with you or have it delivered the same day, or in a few days at the most, since we get two trucks per week. My girlfriend and I run the shop together, but we have been able to absorb those costs in the volume of business we now do instead of adding to the markup of our products. And we are still as committed as ever to offering the best service possible along with the best prices possible. In fact, by finding the right manufacturers, I have actually been able to beat my own prices from a couple of years ago.

So about prices, is there really a difference? Absolutely! That mattress that “retails” for $1,999, and is available on sale for $999 – we sell it for around $500. No made up sales, no pressure, no fake urgency. Just the best prices possible every day. In fact, we have queen sets that start t $149. Our most expensive queen set is $1,199, and it’s pretty amazing (all sizes are available on all mattresses), and we have quite a few in between, so we’re sure to have something that you like. This is why over 90% of people that visit our shop end up making a purchase from us. And they’re really happy about it, just take a look at our reviews on Yelp!

Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that all of our mattresses come with the full manufacturer’s warranty, just like at those big stores. Plus, I only work with manufacturers that honor their warranties without forcing you to jump through all of the hoops, designed to make the process such a pain that they know you’ll give up and just buy another mattress. We don’t have very many warranty issues (less than 1%), but when they come in, they get taken care of in a timely manner, so you can go back to sleeping comfortably right away.

So if you’re thinking it’s time for a new mattress, come check us out. Whether you go shopping around first and come see us or want to stop by GAC Furniture in Tustin first and compare other stores after, you will see what it means to be a valued customer. No pressure, no games. Just the best mattresses available for whatever your budget and needs are. We do still work on an appointment basis, so give us a call or schedule your appointment right here on our website. Better sleep is closer than you think!