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How Do We Do It?

By minimizing overhead expenses, we are able to offer you deep discounts on the same mattresses and furniture you can buy at other retail locations, but for 50% – 80% less!

Warehouse “Showroom”

All of our displays and inventory are in a small warehouse in an office park. This is essentially our only operating cost. Most furniture stores are spending literally tens of thousands of dollars per month on rent in a high traffic location. Even the “discounters” who have a small warehouse showroom are paying $3,000 – $5,000 per month in rent alone.

For just a few hundred dollars a month, we have a perfectly “plain” but effective location for you to buy the same furniture and mattresses without having to mark it up dramatically to cover this expense.


Have you ever seen an ad for a furniture store on TV? How about in the newspaper? Billboards? You get the point. Every one of these forms of advertising is hugely expensive, and the stores have to make up that cost somehow. Guess who pays for it in the end? You guessed it – you do!

Our advertising budget is virtually non-existent. The vast majority of our business comes from CraigsList ads (free) and word-of-mouth referrals (also free).


Not everyone needs delivery. You can save money by picking up your mattresses and furniture. In most cases, we can safely tie your mattress to most cars. We have tied up to queen mattress and box sets on cars and SUVs. We can provide the rope and tie it down for you at no charge.

If you do need delivery, even with rising gas prices, we are holding the line on our delivery costs. Delivery into your home starts at only $30 up to 15 miles. We can deliver further for a small additional charge.


Most stores have multiple sales people who must be paid a commission on every sale. Each person employed at a traditional store represents tens of thousands of dollars in expense.

My name is Gates, and I’m the owner. When you call or text, you will reach my cell phone. When you come in, you will either meet with me or my girlfriend, Fawn.¬†And since we work on a appointment basis, we are only working when we have a customer…

If we deliver for you, you will meet either Andrew or Roy, depending on what day we deliver. That’s it. This allows us to keep expenses, and ultimately, prices, as low as humanly possible.

In order for a store to remain in business, they must cover all of these tens of thousands of dollars of monthly expenses, and guess who ultimately pays them? You guessed it – You do!

Unlike the stores, we can cover 100% of our monthly operating expenses in a day or two, and that means that we don’t have to mark our products up by several hundred dollars just to stay in business. We are able to offer the same products, from the same manufacturers, with the same warranties for a fraction of the price.

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